17 October 2012
CYTOO announces today new results that demonstrate the ability of the Company’s 2D+ Cell Culture Platform to reproduce in vivo conditions to analyze tumor cell motility, and in particular to study fibrillar ECM-dependent tumor cell-macrophage pairing and migration involved in tumor metastasis. These results have recently been published in the first issue of the journal IntraVital, edited by Landes Bioscience.  
05 October 2012
We ask for a rapid feedback (6 questions) on your potential interest on new assay development kits currently imagined by CYTOO, with application to Oncology Drug Screening. We would like to recognize your help and send a $20 Starbuck card to the first 50 responders. Thank you for your help on this short survey! The survey is closed, thank you for your participation!
21 September 2012
CYTOO has teamed up with Cenix BioScience and three European academic partners to challenge the current limits of high throughput (HT) RNAi screening in cultured cells. The SME-driven project, coordinated by CYTOO, aims to combine HT applications of RNAi with an emerging new technology for normalizing cultured cells' behavior by growing them on adhesive micropatterns. Currently in its first year of development, the consortium is seeking to put together an end user committee, with annual meetings, which would have privileged access to the consortium results, and which would provide precious...
18 September 2012
CYTOO S.A., announces today new results that demonstrate the ability of the Company’s 2D+ Cell Culture Platform to enable two new high content analysis approaches: quantitative density mapping of trafficking compartments and standardized mitochondrial analysis. The results will be presented next week at MiPTec 2012 in Basel by the researchers from the Institut Curie in Paris and Angers University Hospital/INSERM, France.
05 July 2012
CYTOO SA, a company that specializes in cell-based assays, is pleased to introduce 2D+: A Transformational Cell Culture Platform. Cytoo 2D+ Cell Culture Platform is based on the use micro-patterns on plates to drive/control the behavior and localization of cells in cultures.
03 April 2012
CYTOO Inc, the US subsidiary of CYTOO SA, is pleased to announce a partnership with PharmaNest, a contract operations organization who commercializes breakthrough International IND-Enabling Technologies and Services for the US Markets.   
12 December 2011
CYTOO announces new public-private consortium to further develop the power of high throughput, high content RNAi screening through convergence with micropatterning-based cell assays.  
23 November 2011
CYTOO SA, announced today the closing of a series C funding round of USD 10M (EUR 7M). New investors, Sham and Entrepreneurs Fund (EF), led the round. Existing investors AURIGA Partners and Jacques Lewiner, co-founder and president of the supervisory board at CYTOO, also participated.  
26 September 2011
The ETICS project, led by CYTOO in collaboration with Cellectis bioresearch and the CEA, to receive €7.6 million in aid from OSEO. A collaboration to develop highly innovative kits for pharmaceutical research Paris, September 26, 2011 - CYTOO, a company that specializes in cell-based assays (Grenoble, France), has joined up with Cellectis bioresearch, the specialist in genome customization and commercial subsidiary of Cellectis (Alternext: ALCLS), and the CEA, the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission, to develop new high-value cell-based assays for drug development and...
24 May 2011
The first edition of the World Cell Race is now officially launched. Organized by a network of researchers in partnership with the American and the French Cell Biology Societies, this unique competition will involve cells coming from labs all around the globe.