07 September 2009
CYTOO’s breakthrough adhesive micropattern technology for cell assay variability reduction generates significant interest from cell biologists CYTOO SA, a provider of innovative enabling technologies and products for high content cell analysis, premiered what it believes is the world's first and most comprehensive commercially available portfolio of cell adhesive micropattern products to the cell biology research community at the EMBO Meeting last week in Amsterdam. The 2x2 micropatterned glass substrate CYTOOchip™ is the only commercially available cell analysis tool based on a...
27 April 2009
CYTOO Cell Architects has entered into an exclusive worldwide license agreement for the adhesive micropattern patent portfolio from the Curie Institute and the CNRS. The company has also solidified its freedom to operate commercially with signed patent license agreements with the CEA (Life Sciences Division) and Harvard University. Following execution of these licenses, CYTOO immediately launched the CYTOOchips as its first product on the research market.
04 December 2008
2008-12-05 Cytoo raises €1 Million in Seed investment. This first round will finance premises in MINATEC center and the launch of Cytoo's first product: the CytooChips. Investors include CEA Valorisation, Rhône-Alpes-Creation and Expansinvest as well as private investors. Read the press release 
12 July 2008
  Cytoo was rewarded at the Tremplin Entreprises of the French Senate in the Life Science category.
17 June 2008
CYTOO was rewarded in the Life Science category of the national contest of start up projects .